Stick Art Whimsical Paintings

In this serious world there is always a need and a good reason to "play". Maureen McNeil's Stick Art Whimsical paintings captures the childlike innocence of playtime and imagination in her light hearted, magical creations to touch the child within. Mermaids, princesses, firemen, cowgirls and boys and baby chicks bring a feeling of delight. Attention to detail is a delicious feast for the eyes. Many of Maureen McNeil's Stick Art Paintings have been inspired by her children. Who better for inspiration!

Have a special child in your life who would love a Stick Art Painting ?

Contact Maureen McNeil for a consultation to discuss the details. She will create a Stick Art painting to be treasured for years to come. 

Stick Art Whimsical Gallery

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It's Snow Time!

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