The Sport Gallery

Maureen McNeil has an innate love of sports. Athletic since she can remember, she appreciates the energy, fun and reward of being active and engaged in activities. She has translated the spirit of sport to the canvas.

"People have often asked why I don't put faces on my paintings...I feel that you can visualize what the participants are feeling just by the energy on the canvas. "  Maureen McNeil

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"I love being outside...many of my paintings reflect this. A family sitting on a fence, going to the golf course with your favourite friend, dancing outside with no one watching! Nature is full of vibrant colors..."  Maureen McNeil

Stick Art Varoooom!

Maureen McNeil will create and paint a Stick Art portrait of your special someone playing the sport they love. Perfect for kids of all ages. Contact Maureen McNeil for a consultation and quote.

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