Stick Art Portraits by Maureen Mcneil

If you were to ask a person to describe themselves, most often you will hear an answer that is more about what they love to do, who they love, and what is important to them in their life not necessarily what they look like. Stick Art Portraits by Maureen McNeil captures the essence of the person you love. Commission Maureen McNeil to paint a timeless portrait for you or a loved one.

"Sarah Smile"  Loved doing this family portrait for such a special Mom and her amazing boy. Family portraits are so emotional for me to paint I often don't give away much of the detail or conversations involved... all I can say is this indeed made Sarah smile...

Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga

Happy Birthday Rob! A special Stick Art Portrait for a friend who is turning (shhh) 50. He loves to fish, his nickname is 'Red' and his favorite saying is "That's all I know!"

I love to do Stick Art family portraits. This was done for a family in Ottawa. The presence of the canal and parliament buildings in the background set the stage. Her daughter is a theatre major, her son a huge book worm, and of courseMom who is super fabulous and loves her dog!


A Stick Art Portrait for a client whose daughter plays the cello, loves horses, cheetahs, escargot, sparkly hearts, crystal flowers  penguins, Jackson Pollack, put it all together....a beautiful painting for a beautiful girl!

"It's all about "LOVE" Sometimes I describe alot about a painting that I have done, this one I prefer to keep to myself, it was personal, emotional, and an absolute pleasure to do for this amazing Mom and her very special boys, LMC 2015...

maureen mcneil, stick art, mississauga

Wild Flowers 24"h x 48'w

What a wonderful journey for me as an artist. I painted this portrait for an amazing family that has traveled extensively but their hearts are at home in Alberta. Big nature lovers with two wonderful boys...I thoroughly enjoyed creating their "family portrait"

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