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It's no secret that hockey is an art and Canada's favorite game. Maureen McNeil's Stick Art captures the motion, emotion, and the thrill of the game. Stick Art paintings of the  Leafs or Habs captures the excitement for all fans of any age. Stick Art commissions welcomed for your favorite team or player.

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Creativity is something that is in me to explore on a daily basis.  It comes from wrapping a present, listening to music, reading books. Children inspire me everyday. As I teach them fundamentals of painting they look at me with their doe eyes and say " I want to do it my way."  Something to remember as I paint myself.

Maureen McNeil, Mississauga,Ontario

The Leafs "Hab" It  Stick Art Hockey               

 "The Leaf's Hab It" 24hx48w SOLD

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Hockey Hall of Fame Tour 2013

Maureen McNeil's Stick Art Hockey will be featured amongst hockey memorabilia and other talented artists on the Hockey Hall of Fame Tour across Canada and the United States.

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