Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga

Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga

Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Wishes. She had everything in the world she wanted, a beautiful fairy land, a dog named Poodlepop , and a family that loved her dearly. The only thing Wishes didn’t have was a pair of wings.

One night she went to her fairyland and sat on a big fat mushroom. She looked up at the beautiful starry night and said “My name is Wishes I wonder if I could wish for some wings?”

Suddenly fire flies of every color surrounded Wishes and started singing “Wishy, washy, wishy, dish, what is your name and what is your wish?”

“Oh beautiful fire flies in the night I am Wishes and it is a pair of wings I wish tonight!”

Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga

Whoosh! All of a sudden Wishes could feel a beautiful set of wings on her back. They were pink, purple, and sparkly all over. She jumped for joy and flew back to her castle.

Wishes was so grateful to all the fire flies that had granted her wish. She decided to do something nice for all the little girls in the world. "I will paint special boxes and call them Wishes and Wings that way everyone will know that they are from me! I will put invisible, magical fairy dust in them and a secret word to describe how incredible they are!”

Wishes wants you to have this message

“Hello my special friend, please enjoy your Wishes and Wings fairy box.  Remember to shake your box and make a wish before you open it! Inside you will find invisible, magical, fairy dust AND a special word from your Wishes and Wings fairy ! Feel free to put anything you like inside (except bugs because they turn into giant marshmallows!)"

Wishing you a wishy day and a wishy night, let all your dreams come true tonight!  Love, Wishes

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